Designed by the community, for the community...

The RealToken ecosystem is a community initiative aimed at innovating and developing around tokenized real estate, with RealT as the main player.

Our mission is to create a collaborative space where ideas, projects, and skills come together to shape the future of tokenized real estate.


How to contribute?

Whether you're a developer, content creator, real estate specialist, or simply enthusiastic about contributing to the REALTOKEN ecosystem, your participation is welcome!

How to begin?

start by going to our Github and check out our current projects and discussions!

If you need an API key, please complete this form.

How to Integrate Your Project into the Realtoken Community?

Follow these rules to have your project considered and hosted on the "" domain:

  1. Project Submission: To have your project considered, please push it to our GitHub repository. Ensure your code is well documented and clearly structured. (public or private repository)
  2. Review and Control: Each submitted project will undergo a review by our team to ensure it meets the community's quality and security standards. This includes checking for hidden links or malicious code.
  3. Maintaining Access: By submitting your project, you agree that the community DEV can maintain control over the code to make necessary updates or modifications without being dependent solely on the original author.
  4. Transparency: Any code that includes referral links or promotional elements must be clearly indicated and approved. We aim to maintain transparency and prevent exploitation of the community for personal gain.
  5. Hosting: Approved projects will be hosted on the "" domain, providing a common platform and visibility for all contributing members.
  6. Contribution and Collaboration: We encourage collaboration and continuous improvement of projects. If you wish to contribute to an existing project, please adhere to the community's or the author's specified contribution guidelines.
  7. Respect and Inclusion: We value respect and inclusion. Any form of discrimination or harassment is not tolerated. Let's collaborate in a spirit of mutual respect and collective growth.
By following these rules, you contribute to the success and sustainability of our community. Thank you for your commitment!


A secure secondary marketplace for exchanging, selling, and buying RealTokens.


This protocol is powered by AAVE and designed for collateralizing your RealTokens and borrowing stablecoins. This innovative platform provides a secure and efficient way to leverage your RealToken assets for liquidity.

Bridge realtoken


A solution for transferring RealTokens and REG between blockchains. This bridge allows for easy and efficient movement of assets across different blockchain networks, enhancing interoperability and flexibility.

Shareholder vote


A dedicated platform for making decisions related to RealT properties. RealT can issue votes on property-related matters, and token holders have the power to participate in the decision-making process by casting their votes.


Keep track of your REALT investments with this dashboard. Several filters are applicable to show you what you want!


A community API for retrieving essential information on the RealT ecosystem.


a site with lots of information to help you on your RealToken adventure


based on the uniswap V2 protocol, swap your tokens or participate in liquidity pools here, find tokenlist here !



If you want to switch wallet and have lots of tokens to move, you've found the right place!